June 15th - 18th 2023
Tickets will be available from early 2023

Questions and Answers

Why Wolfsburg?

Somehow that has a tradition, DrupalCamping has already taken place here several times since 2011. Wolfsburg is easy to reach and is relatively central.

Who organizes DrupalCamping?

We are a group of volunteers under the umbrella of Drupal e.V. (the German Drupal Association) We welcome any support!

Why are there only 50 tickets?

Unfortunately, there is not more space available on the campsite as a large part of the pitches is reserved for permanent campers.

What happens in bad weather?

The DrupalCamping will take place in any weather, unless the Allersee overflows and floods the campsite, which is very unlikely.

What do I have to bring?

You need a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat and your own eating utensils (plates / cups / cutlery). You should somehow mark dishes so that they don't get lost. Otherwise: swimwear, sunscreen, laptop, toothbrush, whatever you can think of!

How can I help on site?

There are many possibilities: assembly and dismantling, shopping, cooking, washing up, making coffee, filling refrigerators, and and and. We count on you!

Will there be T-shirts?

We'll see, maybe we find a sponsor for that. Maybe there will be something else instead of T-shirts, e.g. a cup or a bag.