June 15th - 18th 2023
Tickets will be available from early 2023

Camping? Barcamp? How does this work?

Some of you have been there before, but here are the most important things briefly.


We have rented spaces for 50 participants on the campground at the Allersee. We spend the night in our own tents and eat together, everyone lends a hand. Are you a top chef or an accomplished lifeguard? Excellent! Or maybe only dishwasher? Great as well! There is a task for everyone!


DrupalCamping is a barcamp. Everyone can give a lecture or bring a topic for discussion that does not have to be registered in advance.

Bring your sessions / topics. We then pose together every morning a list of lectures for the day. We provide the necessary infrastructure (WiFi, projector, screen).

Of course you can also just sprint, relax by the lake, have conversations. You even should — everything can, nothing has to!

In the evening we then move on to a sociable end, with dinner together, drinks and sunset. Sounds good? Is good!

Sessions / Topics

They are your suggestions, so bring exciting content to the camp! Of course Drupal will play a big role in this, but we will open to everything that concerns you. Here are a few ideas:

#buildtools, #cloud, #community, #css, #privacy, #decoupled, #drupal, #frontend, #git, #headless, #hosting, #html, #opensource, #react, #security, #svelte, #vue

What is your personal hashtag? We are excited!